Level Five Executive is a leading provider of connected leadership training programs utilizing the Emotional Connection (EmC) Process. EmC is based on years of research by prominent psychologists focusing on human interaction and engagement. Founded in 2010 by Lola Gershfeld, PsyD, an expert in the field of board and team dynamics. For more information, visit their website.

Level 5 Executive needed assistance with their marketing and sales.

As a Freelancer of Ace Design Marketing, LLC. (August 2018 - January 2019), jhbDesigns managed Level 5 Executive’s:

  • Social Media Accounts: Instagram, Facebook, & LinkedIn

    • Designed graphic posts, as well as captions.

    • Sent LinkedIn messages to potential leads.

  • Virtual Assistants: Email Marketing Campaign & Website Management

    • Curated & distributed Email Campaigns to webinar attendees & potential leads.

    • Made various website changes & managed incoming content.

    • Attended Webinars to further our understanding of the business & Emotional Connection Process (EmC).

    • Designed Prezi presentations for Webinars.

    • Designed Quizzes to interact with current & potential leads.

2019 - jhbDesigns worked with Reecer Media LLC. to manage Level 5 Executive’s social media accounts, analytics, CRM and website.


Social Media Posts

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Gear Up For Growth Webinar

Interactive Presentation for Potential Emotional Connection Trainers.